Oral Session Guideline

Oral Session Guideline

How to present your paper?

* Time of Presentation: 15 minutes
The should make sure the presentation fits well within the assigned time slot, leaving at least 3 minutes for a period of question-answering. The official language of the presentation is English.

You will present your material directly in the conference room.

Presentation Materials

  1. All presenters should prepare the presentation file in Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe PDF format in English. Please bring a USB memory containing your presentation file.
  2. It is recommended that the presenter save the material to the furnished notebook running Microsoft Windows before the session start. Using your laptop or smart device, as long as it is enabled with an HDMI output connection, it is possible but not recommended.
  3. If your presentation contains animation and short movies, you are advised to check the technical matters before the session.

Audio-Visual Equipment

  1. Each session room will be furnished with a Beam Projector and a Laptop for all presentations. The computers in the session room will be equipped with Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat Reader. To avoid frequently occurring technical problems in the presentation, all presenters are highly encouraged to use the aforementioned equipment provided in the session room.
  2. Using your laptop computer or other smart devices, as long as it is enabled with an HDMI output connection, is possible but not recommended. If it is unavoidable to use your laptop, the presenter should bring all the necessary adaptors that are compatible with our beam projector. Also, you must inform the staff stationed in the session room that you will use your equipment for the presentation.